Produce House

From our Home to yours

The biggest motivation of our business is collaborating with truly passionate entrepreneurs. You know, those extraterrestrial beings with a business vision intended to change the world. We love those guys and girls. We truly are inspired by them.

Produce House was such a project that we had to challenge ourselves to create something worldwide unique and worthy of a global legacy. We didn’t care about the budget or profits, but we did care about Raquel’s vision to change the world of vegetables. We’re sure that we saw, beyond the brief, a brand that has the potential to become a statement in both sustainable agricultural and fresh vegetable retail.

If Raquel’s team was responsible for connecting the dots and creating a farm-to-plate delivery system, we had to convey their Love for vegetables into a visual identity piece. When people hear the term Love, they see a heart, so it was no brainer that we had to approach that particular visual attitude. Please enjoy one of the rarest occasions that we were executively allowed to be creative.