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About Brndcdbr


Expert start-up branding agency with a focus on results and business growth.

Meet The Team

Romanian brand strategy firm with 15+ years of experience delivering practical, multidisciplinary solutions for satisfied start-ups.

“In my thirty-five year career as a college professor (psychology) and as a corporate consultant, I’ve met many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of creatives and concept designers. Dragos Alexa is among thetop 1% of professional people I have been blessed to meet.”

Russell Watson, Ed.D.Founder of
CEO, Founder

Dragos Alexa

Experienced marketing professional with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and successful rebranding. Skilled in project management, strategy development, and team management.

CC(reative)O, Partner

Dania Alexa

Experienced senior graphic designer with 15+ years in high-paced agency setting, specializing in visual projects for start-ups across 45+ industries including packaging, mobile apps, logos, and mascots.

Good branding is not an expense. It is an investment.

A strong brand helps to differentiate you from your competitors, establish trust with your customers, and build a loyal customer base. Investing in your brand is an investment in the long-term success of your business.

By investing in your branding efforts, you can increase the value and profitability of your business.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

It is our commitment to consistently push the boundaries and challenge the status quo in order to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. We believe that creativity and outside-the-box thinking are crucial in creating standout brands that capture the attention and loyalty of consumers. Therefore, we approach every project with a fresh perspective and a determination to bring something new and exciting to the table. We never settle for the same old solutions or take a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we strive to constantly find new and creative ways to solve problems and bring value to our clients. In short, we innovate each project with no exceptions, because we believe that this is what sets us apart and helps us deliver truly exceptional work.


Always overdeliver to our clients.

At our brand agency, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients. We understand that their success is directly tied to our own, and we strive to consistently deliver results that exceed their expectations. This means that we put in the extra effort to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standard, and that our clients are completely satisfied with the end result. We are known for our attention to detail, our proactive approach to problem-solving, and our ability to deliver high-quality work on time and on budget. By always overdelivering to our clients, we aim to build long-lasting relationships and establish ourselves as a trusted partner in their success.


Build brands that inspire people.

We are passionate about building brands that truly inspire people. We believe that a strong brand has the power to move people emotionally, to connect with them on a deeper level, and to inspire them to take action. That’s why we take the time to fully understand our clients and their target audience, and to develop brand strategies and creative campaigns that truly resonate with them. Whether it’s through compelling storytelling, impactful visuals, or innovative experiences, we strive to create brands that are memorable, meaningful, and truly inspiring. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients build brands that not only stand out in their industry, but also have a lasting impact on the people they serve.